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We didn’t invent customer satisfaction. We just help you increase it and win.

IMT provides management consulting and training in:

  Balanced Scorecards
  Business Growth
  Change Management
  Customer-Centered Culture
  Customer-Centered 6 Sigma
  Customer Focus
  Customer Service
  Performance Measurement
  Process Improvement
  Project Management
  Quality Management
  Strategic Planning
  Voice of the Customer

We use the C3 system to transform the culture and practices of all kinds of organizations. Stunning results are common.


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C3 is a systems approach to transformation.  It links the Voice of the Customer (VOC)    with your organization's success.

Explore how C3 enables you to:

Uncover the Voice of the Customer
Design products & service
Measure customer satisfaction & Leverage your leadership position

Vital Lie

4. "We know what business we are in."

The popularity and growth of Southwest Airlines is often attributed to low prices. It could be argued they have excelled at entertaining customers in ... / more

VITAL LIE: A Limiting assumption, an excuse for not changing


Louisville MSD
Herbert J. Schardein, Executive Director ... / more

-450% increase in 1st time problem diagnosis!

Huberty Performance Learning, LLC
Tom Huberty, CEO ... / more

-Recommend Rob for Quality Guru!

Special Features

Robin Lawton - Keynote Speaker
Robin Lawton - Keynote Speaker
Click for video clip introduction Voice of the Customer Keynote Excerpt
Improving your leadership position involves doing several things exceeding well... ... / more

C3 Mentoring Now Available!
C3 Mentoring Now Available!
C3 Mentoring is available to Senior Leadership and passionate Change Agents. All mentoring is customized to your needs. It can be focused on the leadership of a company, an initiative or a team project. ... / more

News / Announcements

Welcome to our Library!
We have great articles to help you increase your customer focus and to help you get others on the same C3 wavelength with you. ... / more

Featuring Brian Lassiter, President of Minnesota Council for Quality
Wake Me Up When the Recession's Over (or Why Now More than Ever, the Customer's King) ... / more

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